I have found my experience of the heart centred method of counselling with Tomo to be extremely beneficial. It has not been an easy journey but I now feel much stronger and able to cope with the things that life throws up.  Tomo has always been very caring and professional and has been a huge support to me during a very difficult time in my life, for which I am very grateful.




Tomo has such a beautiful nurturing healing energy she brings to sessions, I always felt safe and accepted for whatever feelings came up during the healing.   Really beneficial, especially for women needing to be reminded of their own power & strength through the gentle loving treatments Tomo provides those she works with.


Tomo is the most beautiful healer that I have had the pleasure to be supported by. She came into my life at a time when I was at my most fragile. With great love and kindness she tenderly guided me towards well being. She encouraged me to look deeply at aspects of myself that I would have otherwise not have the courage to face. The greatest gift she gave to me was the wisdom that vulnerability isn't a weakness, it is a window into your soul.


I have suffered with neck pain and headaches for many years.  An energy healing with Tomo for me has always been a place to deeply relax in myself and really receive of her care and healing.  She is always very in tune with where I am at and knows the perfect words to say to support the session.  I would recommend her to anyone needing to really receive and be guided to deep healing in body and soul.  It has made a big difference to me.


If you are carrying stress in your body and its manifesting as pain I have no hesitation in strongly recommending you see Tomo for an Energy Healing session.  This wonderful experience for body, mind and soul will soon have you feeling much better.


Tomo Takaku has made a profound and lasting difference to my life.  In 2010 my right foot had been rotated 180 degrees in a motorbike accident.  There was talk of amputation, I had 3 metal plates and 26 screws bridging the shattered bones and an ulcer the size of an egg had formed on the ankle joint. 

Tomo’s treatments were a combination of energy healing and being there - caring, listening, advising and nurturing me when I was at my lowest.  She did not judge when my foot was smelly or I still had my Pajamas’ on. Her energy healing treatments brought warmth and tingling as the energy moved through my foot.  I felt loved.  The treatment made a huge difference to how my foot and leg felt. When my 7th and final cast was removed the surgeon reviewed the x-rays.  He was practically speechless – “how the hell have you done this?”  He was optimistically hoping to move me to a moon boot for six months.  I didn’t require a moon boot.  He couldn’t fathom how such miraculous healing had taken place.  I left him silently contemplating the images of my mended bones. Thank you Tomo you were the difference.  I felt it each time you treated it, building on the previous treatment.  Gradually it changed from mangled and messy to alive and well.  I thank you for your energy healing and for your heart healing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Georgia