How Tomo can support you


Tomo emphasizes the need of our emotional wellbeing.  Supporting emotional wellbeing is not common.  This will significantly influence holistic wellbeing because when you are emotionally healthy, your physical and mental wellbeing responds.

In most cultures, people are encouraged to try hard, work hard and think hard while growing up. The really important emotional and spiritual parts of our lives remain unseen, unheard and undeveloped.  No wonder so many of us feel ‘stuck’ and don’t know what to do with our emotions.

Through Tomo’s guidance in breathwork you will tune into your deepest feelings and reach an inner clarity of how you are, to find the best way forward for yourself. 

Heart centred way of counselling asks you to be prepared to open to your sensitivity.  Tomo offers her gentle heart centred way of guidance for you to work with your sensitivity.  You will be guided to understand what is blocking you to move forward and to know what will support you to free yourself from the limitations in your mind. 


Energy Healing is a deeply nurturing hands-on healing.  This provides deep relaxation.  You will be guided to know where your emotional energy has become stuck in your body and find where old feelings and emotions are holding you back.  With her support you can discover and release those uncomfortable and health-damaging energies.

Relaxation and Meditation Workshops


Learn to feel a deep connection with your self and with others through mindful breathing, relaxation and heart meditation.

Group workshops for friends and colleagues at your workplace, school or community group.  Tomo tailors every workshop to support the particular needs of the participants.

Breathing workshops

Breathing is such a fundamental part of life that we rarely give it a moment’s thought. Yet it is more profound than most people realise. Breathing with mindfulness relaxes your mind and helps you to connect with your body and your heart, which have their own memories, experiences, intelligence and wisdom to share with you. Tomo will gently guide you to this deepening and slowing process of your breath.  By learning to breathe consciously you can release tightness in your body and build a more creative, expansive energy in your life.

Guided group meditations

Tomo will guide you to get in touch with your soul and support you to become aware of who you truly are.

Listen to the wind, it talks.

Listen to the silence, it speaks.

Listen to your heart, it knows.



  Native American Proverb