about Tomo

Brought up in Japan, and after 14 years in London, Tomo found her home in New Zealand.  She has been seeking her own personal and spiritual healing and growth since she was in London, where she faced challenges of feeling isolated and disconnected.  She experientially learned Reiki, Shamanism and various other modalities.  Once she discovered that she needed to turn to her own heart for healing, it brought her a significant sense of connection to who truly she is.  Now she supports others’ healing path with the benefit of her own experiences.

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One of Tomo’s specialties is supporting migrants to overcome the challenges they face in their new life.  Another of her specialties is empowering women to reclaim the true inner strength that lies within their femininity.    

Tomo emphasizes our need for emotional wellbeing.  When we are emotionally healthy, our physical and mental wellbeing respond.

In most cultures, people are encouraged to try hard and think hard while growing up. The really important emotional and spiritual parts of our lives remain unseen, unheard and undeveloped.  No wonder so many of us feel ‘stuck’ and don’t know what to do with our emotions.  To take care of our emotions, we need to turn to our heart without filtering or judging how it feels.  Our hearts have their own memories, experiences, intelligence and wisdom to find what is right for ourselves.  It can be a very tender process.  However Tomo can guide you through this process with her gentleness, intuition and ability to see energy in a person. 

Tomo has been offering the heart centred way of counselling and energy healing since 2009.  She is an accredited Pascha Therapist.  She has been offering wellbeing workshops, breathwork and meditation classes particularly to the migrant community at Hagley College, the Migrant Centre and Delta community Support Trust.

Also Tomo is an Advocate of Doterra Essential Oil.  As Doterra offers the finest and the purist quality of essential oils and essential oil blends, she uses some of Doterra products for supporting holistic health in conjunction with her consultation and hands on healing.  

Tomo's website for Doterra Essential Oil is: